10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable
If you’ve gone on a good run, you know that, as rewarding as it may be, it can also be difficult. Though you may feel good afterwards, the next time you decide to take a run, it’s easy to think back on how exhausted you were through the whole process the last time. Having those negative associations can lead you to not ever want to run again.

Luckily, there are ways to make your running experience far more enjoyable. Running may even become something you will want to repeat again and again. Here are ten helpful tips to make your next run more enjoyable:

#1 Listening to music

Pull out your headphones and pick your favorite jam. Listening to music while you’re running can help focus your mind on the music more than the burn of the run. Pick something upbeat that will help you keep your pace!

#2 Listen to a podcast/audiobook instead

Is there an ever growing list of books that you want to read? You could download the audiobook and listen to it daily. Alternatively, if there is something you would like to learn a bit more about, you could listen to a podcast. Either way, having entertainment in your ears and something to look forward to and distracts you from the mind battle that comes with running.
#3 Wear comfortable clothing

It is absolutely essential that you choose moveable, breathable clothing that doesn’t feel like it is restricting you. You don’t have to buy fancy exercise clothing to find something that fits well for running. Simply pick sweatpants (held up by a drawstring!) or some yoga pants and a comfy T-Shirt.

#4 Run somewhere scenic

Running is more much enjoyable by a river, in the woods, or through hills, than on the side of a highway. If you choose a scenic area to run, your mind will be too busy appreciating the view to worry about exhaustion.

Running on water copy
#5 Stretch before and after

Stretching before and after your run will loosen your muscles and keep you from getting sore at the end of your mile.

#6 Run in shorter strides

Shorter strides will help you conserve energy and keep your pace. If you try to take long strides, you’ll wear out MUCH more quickly. I know this because I run with a ridiculously long stride. I too am working on this one.

#7 Wear the right shoes

Choose shoes that fit well with the shape of your foot and lend themselves towards running. I am actually less picky than most about shoes, but the point is to have comfortable support for your feet.

#8 Have a destination

If you can, try having a rewarding destination at the end of your run. For example, if you’re running towards a scenic waterfall, you may be more inclined to finish the run.

#9 Change it up

Don’t always run in the same place. Look out for a new spot every few times you run so you can keep the scenery interesting and exciting. Change the audiobook, podcast, and or playlist often for the same reason.

#10 Bring a friend

While you may not be able to talk much, some people like the moral support of running with a friend. A friend can also help encourage you to finish the run.
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5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable”

  1. I like this! I have been running since I was 40 and now I am 77. After the first 4 to 6 months my body got used to it and I enjoy it. At first I had to force each foot to take the next step. Good tip on shoes.

  2. I wish I had this post when I was training for a 5mile run I did with some work colleagues last summer! Might not sound far for some, but my fitness levels were zero when i first started, and simply running on my own several times a week after work was dismal! So boring, but you’ve offered some great advice here 🙂

    Kayleigh x

  3. I’ll have to follow you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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