Cardio & Strength, Do We Really Need Both?

Cardio & Strength, Do We Really Need Both? This week I have started putting my daily workouts on my blog. You can find the first here. I have a dedication to helping people live a happy healthy life through my blog. I am going to make every effort to give my readers the information needed to do exactly that. I would like to start with addressing the fact that we need to eat healthy foods, and perform both cardio and strength training exercises to obtain and maintain optimal health. Continue reading “Cardio & Strength, Do We Really Need Both?”

An Inside Look at Celiac Disease

An Inside Look at Celiac Disease. I would like to share a fact about me that my readers, unless you are a friend or family member, don’t already know. I have struggled with gastrointestinal symptoms for years. After many, many tests, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I am going to use this post to explain what that means. In the future I will be posting Recipes. Most, if not all, recipes will be gluten free. Let’s get started.  Continue reading “An Inside Look at Celiac Disease”