Upper Body Spring Workout


Upper Body Spring Workout that can actually be done anytime. I typically write down the exact workouts that I plan to do the upcoming week on Sunday. I save these sheets and reuse them when I am out of ideas. I have been going through those workout sheets and turning each of them into printable graphics to share with you guys. This one is great because it can be done anywhere and It is great for any age.

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Building a Plan for Fitness Success Series 1 of 3

Before I get started with this first post of a three-part series, I would like to explain that I rarely use the word diet. When I do, I use it in the literal sense. As in, what you are consuming for energy. I use instead, an all-encompassing word, for the lifestyle that comes from eating well, resting, and exercising properly. The term I use for this is “Fitness Lifestyle.”

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How to Organize Your Fitness Life

How to Organize Your Fitness Life

(Part 2 of Building a Plan for Fitness Success Series)

If you’re planning a fitness program for your life, you probably know you need to make a plan and stick to it.  In many ways, the simpler the better.  You don’t want to create an overly detailed plan that takes more time to account for than the exercise and fitness activities themselves.  Such a plan would distract you from your goal and likely have the opposite effect. Continue reading “How to Organize Your Fitness Life”

Preparing For Fitness Success

Preparing For Fitness Success (Part 3 of Building a Plan for Fitness Success Series)Let me let you in on a little secret: it’s typical for people to look everywhere for an excuse not to follow their dreams.  That’s right.  Perhaps you were planning on taking an evening jog, but alas, it begins pouring down rain.  Many of us would take this opportunity to give ourselves the excuse to not follow through with our exercise activity for the day. 

It’s just human nature – and that’s why you have to plan ahead.  Plan so far ahead that you’ve imagined every likely scenario that could give you an excuse not to follow through with your commitment.  Remember to do your laundry to keep your exercise clothes clean and ready to use. Make sure you have enough time to go to the grocery store before you have to start eating at fast-food restaurants. Continue reading “Preparing For Fitness Success”

Playtime Fitness At Any Age

Playtime fitness at any age. Finding time to exercise is a huge challenge, and that may just go tenfold when it comes to parents.  With little ones around, you are constantly doing school transport, watching over them, making food and snacks for them, helping them with homework and more.  It may seem absolutely impossible to find a way to keep up with all of your responsibilities as a parent, and an employee, as well as, any other role you are accountable for. Continue reading “Playtime Fitness At Any Age”

Cardio & Strength, Do We Really Need Both?

Cardio & Strength, Do We Really Need Both? This week I have started putting my daily workouts on my blog. You can find the first here. I have a dedication to helping people live a happy healthy life through my blog. I am going to make every effort to give my readers the information needed to do exactly that. I would like to start with addressing the fact that we need to eat healthy foods, and perform both cardio and strength training exercises to obtain and maintain optimal health. Continue reading “Cardio & Strength, Do We Really Need Both?”

Lower Body Workout

Lower Body Workout. With me having a blog about fitness and healthy living, I decided it is time to share my daily workouts with you. I start most days with a workout of some kind. I change this workout all the time so that I don’t get bored. The idea is to just do something within an hour of waking up. Continue reading “Lower Body Workout”

10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable
If you’ve gone on a good run, you know that, as rewarding as it may be, it can also be difficult. Though you may feel good afterwards, the next time you decide to take a run, it’s easy to think back on how exhausted you were through the whole process the last time. Having those negative associations can lead you to not ever want to run again.

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