How to Organize Your Fitness Life

How to Organize Your Fitness Life

(Part 2 of Building a Plan for Fitness Success Series)

If you’re planning a fitness program for your life, you probably know you need to make a plan and stick to it.  In many ways, the simpler the better.  You don’t want to create an overly detailed plan that takes more time to account for than the exercise and fitness activities themselves.  Such a plan would distract you from your goal and likely have the opposite effect.

Yet, you still want to have three key components in any fitness plan:

1. Specific, realistic, measurable goals

2. A plan that works around your schedule

3. Accountability

Furthermore, these are the goals and plans you should be focusing on:

4. Meal plans

5. Fitness plans

6. Mental health

The key to organizing plans that work

Don’t overwhelm yourself.  You want to set goals that will set you on the path towards fitness, but make sure you start off with bite-sized goals that will help you build momentum.

Step one:

Create monthly or even yearly goals.  What is the vision you have for yourself?  Write down all the details you can imagine.

Step two:

Write down what it will take to meet that goal.  What kind of body type do you want and what kind of exercise regimen will you have to adopt to get it?  What kind of diet do you want to live on, and what changes will you have to start making to get there?

How to Organize Your Fitness Life#2

Step three:

Break down these steps into smaller and smaller steps that you can turn into daily goals.  Start out with a daily fitness goal, a daily nutrition goal or meal plan and a daily mental health activity (i.e. reading, meditation, playing music).  Don’t make these too difficult or elaborate. You want to make sure they are achievable every single day.  Make sure these daily actions lead you towards your overall goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Step four:

This is the most important part: follow through with your daily goals every. single. day.

If you’re not someone who can stay accountable to yourself, you may want to enlist a partner in fitness to review your goals and help you complete them.  Having this peer support and expectation works wonders for many.

Why so many fail

Let’s be honest – many people who try a fitness regimen let it go.  Many of us have tried making specific plans, writing down goals, and still we find ourselves at a loss at the end of the week.  How could we have gotten so off track?

One of the most common causes of our failure is that we let go of our vision.  We need to look past the obstacles we have today and instead focus on becoming the image of ourselves that inspired us to start our plan in the first place. Then we will begin to look at each day of fitness, not as another trudging step along the journey to our goal, but rather a joyous day in which we are becoming more and more like our ideal self by living our ideal lifestyle.

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  1. Good point to make a clear picture of what body type you want and what diet and exercise you would need to get it. I’d love to be a chiseled, crazy low body fat lady but I’m OK with a marginally good body and a glass of wine at dinner!

    1. That is exactly what I meant Rosemond, You have to know what you want and what you are willing to give up (Or not) to get there. Thanks for your comment.

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