How to write your first Blog post

You have set up your blog. Now you sit staring at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen if you prefer. What now? What do I write? How do I write it? Let me first say, everything will get easier soon. Once you master this, writing posts will not only be easy but come naturally to you.

I started my blog about a month ago. I have experienced many ups and downs already. Some days I am so overwhelmed with the amount of information that I wonder why I even started a blog.

But most days I absolutely love it!

I love the journey. I love knowing that I am capable of learning each new skill that comes with a blog (which is way more than I expected by the way). I love that I am getting more and more comfortable using my own voice when I write and that I have an outlet for that voice.

Sharing My blogging experiences

My fiancé, Andrew, has been listening to my daily struggles. I must not be complaining too much because he has decided that he wants a blog.

We talk often about what we should do when we retire. It is more a fantasy at this point since neither of us are anywhere near retirement age. We have decided that he should be a professor. I have always joked that he is a walking book of information. A blog would be a great place for him to put all of that. I am really excited for him. I think he will be really great at writing about the topics that he was discussing because he has a genuine interest in them. You have to love your niche. Your reader will hear it in your writing if you do not.

How do I write My first blog post?


He asked me last night, “How do I write the first post?” I want to share with you the answer that I told him.

Just start your first blog post (1)


Naturally, his next question was, “but doesn’t it have to be a certain length?”

Yes, it does. The ideal post should be at least 300-500 words. Don’t think about this though. Start writing as if you were sitting across from a friend who just asked you how do you…?

Tell your story. Do not stop until you are completely finished. Pretend that your friend let you ramble on and on until you were done. Only then should you look at the word count. Chances are it will be more than enough as most of us love to talk.

It’s Okay if Your Post is a few words Short

There are tricks that you can use to increase your word count and still keep it easy for your readers to understand. You could go back and add details that maybe you skimmed over. You can also add headings at each new concept.

Stick to the main idea, though, which is to get the information to your reader. You may also like this post here, which features a section about how to always have topics to write about.

Need any other blogging help. Let me know by commenting below.



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