Lower Body Workout

Lower Body Workout. With me having a blog about fitness and healthy living, I decided it is time to share my daily workouts with you. I start most days with a workout of some kind. I change this workout all the time so that I don’t get bored. The idea is to just do something within an hour of waking up. Continue reading “Lower Body Workout”

10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable
If you’ve gone on a good run, you know that, as rewarding as it may be, it can also be difficult. Though you may feel good afterwards, the next time you decide to take a run, it’s easy to think back on how exhausted you were through the whole process the last time. Having those negative associations can lead you to not ever want to run again.

Luckily, there are ways to make your running experience far more enjoyable. Running may even become something you will want to repeat again and again. Here are ten helpful tips to make your next run more enjoyable: Continue reading “10 Ways to Make Running More Enjoyable”

Sunday Mornings, Plus RECIPE: GF Waffles

Sunday Mornings, Plus RECIPE: GF Waffles. Is there anything better than a Sunday morning? I don’t think that there is. You get to sleep in. In my case, that means snuggling in bed with my honey. The weekends when I have my kids we make chocolate chip pancakes for them and eggs and spinach for Andrew and I. The weekends when my kids are with their father (sad face) we tend to be more adventurous with our meals. I am forever trying new recipes. Our latest favorite is trying different flavors of protein waffles with a yummy mix of toppings and or syrups. What is your Sunday morning routine?
Continue reading “Sunday Mornings, Plus RECIPE: GF Waffles”

Liebster Award

I was fortunate enough to be nominated by Heather Marie at Life, Love, and Lasagna for The Liebster award.  I feel so honored. Heather writes about food and family, but I especially like her article on self-care, found here. Please be sure to go see her awesome blog.  Continue reading “Liebster Award”