Playtime Fitness At Any Age

Playtime fitness at any age. Finding time to exercise is a huge challenge, and that may just go tenfold when it comes to parents.  With little ones around, you are constantly doing school transport, watching over them, making food and snacks for them, helping them with homework and more.  It may seem absolutely impossible to find a way to keep up with all of your responsibilities as a parent, and an employee, as well as, any other role you are accountable for.

One thing that everyone should learn is this: don’t do more than you have to. Find ways to combine your responsibilities into fewer tasks.  So when it comes to exercising and having kids, why not use play time with the kids as your daily exercise. 

Here’s how you can do it at every age:

Infant to Pre-School:

1) When they are just infants, it will be a bit difficult to actually play with them and exercise at the same time.  Instead, consider fitting in an exercise video or some treadmill time while the baby is napping.

Playtime fitness 1

2)  Another option is to grab a stroller, find a stable sidewalk and go for a brisk walk.  Your infant will love the ride, and you can get some much-needed cardio in.

3) You can carry toddlers on your shoulders and walk around.  Kids LOVE this and it can create a powerful cardio/strength exercise.

4) Play Hide & Seek, this is great fun for all.

playtime fitness

Grade School:

1) Rollerblading with your child is a lot of fun for you and them and a great work out too.

2) Have your kids help you while you exercise. Some kids love to watch you exercise and do counts for you. Or, you can even teach them how to do the exercises with you. You can try this routine here. My children did yoga with me from age 5. You can get them their own workout equipment (little 1 lbs. dumbbells, a yoga mat, and stretch bands) to make them feel special.


3) Go out for a family biking ride.

4) Play basketball, tennis, football, baseball, or any other sport they would enjoy.


1) Register for a fun run, 5K or a 10K and do walks and runs to prepare for the event with your teenager.

2) Buy a family gym membership and encourage your teenager to train with you.

3) This is also a great age to play sports. My son, for instance, loves to play basketball and can play for hours. 

4) Have your teenager help you with yard work like raking leaves, trimming trees and push mowing.  That’s three birds with one stone: quality family time, yard work AND exercise! By including your children you are teaching them the importance of exercise. Kid playing

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9 thoughts on “Playtime Fitness At Any Age”

  1. Great list! But I have to say they don’t have to be teens to start running. My son did his first 5k with me when he was 6, I chose a fun ‘color’ run assuming we’d walk a good chunk of it. He ended up running the whole thing, and I ran my fastest 5k ever chasing him down! I was terrified of losing him in the crowd, but everyone was amazing cheering him on and giving high 5’s as we passed!

    1. I agree. I even ran with my littles in their stroller. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Frank. I agree. How often do we as adults get to let go of all the stress and just play? For me, not nearly enough. I told my teenage son I was going to sneak into his bag and go to camp with him last summer, because I missed it so much 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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