Upper Body Spring Workout


Upper Body Spring Workout that can actually be done anytime. I typically write down the exact workouts that I plan to do the upcoming week on Sunday. I save these sheets and reuse them when I am out of ideas. I have been going through those workout sheets and turning each of them into printable graphics to share with you guys. This one is great because it can be done anywhere and It is great for any age.

I mention age because I wrote a post last week titled playtime fitness. I discussed working out with children of all ages. This workout is perfect for you and your littles. It’s all body weight, which means that it does not require any equipment.

How to use my workouts

You can bookmark this page, download the image and print, or you can Pin it directly to Pinterest (when you hover over the image a Pinterest logo appears), or any other social media site that is easy for you to use. This makes this workout (and all my other workouts) easy to access anytime, anywhere. If you ever want a version of my workouts in just black and white, as this is easier to print just let me know-I will happily send them to you.

I have used personal trainers for a good part of my life. Some have been amazing and have taught me so much. I Am also a nurse and have a thorough understanding of nutrition and how the body works. I now have so many workout moves that I have collected over the years. I use the individual moves to create new circuit workouts so that I am never bored. I combine the exercises to meet my needs.

But, this blog is for you!

What would you like to see? What body parts are you working on? Do you want more cardio? Let me know in the comments below.

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Upper Body Spring WorkoutUpper Body Workout-SpringSummer

*Don’t know some of these moves? Comment below I can help with that 🙂

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    1. Hello. The back is a great part that I am guilty of ignoring. Eek! I Will create an Upper and lower back routine just for you (and me and well anyone else that would find it useful) Zaria:) look for it within the next week. I actually think I have the perfect moves in mind already.

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